We have teamed up with LoyalTree in an effort to bring savings to all the good folks that come in and eat with us at OldWest Cafe! Here is what you do:

First, go to www.loyaltree.com to learn about the program!

Second, download the LoyalTree APP to your Smartphone device and sign up for the program! Don't worry, it's FREE! (Hint: if you are downloading the APP to your iPad, use the iPhone download feature!)

If you do not have a Smartphone device, no worries… you can track your points by email or your personalized settings on your account!

Third, scan the QR CODE at the bottom of our OldWest receipt!

Fourth, watch your points grow and REDEEM them for awesome stuff! 

Fifth, hmmm, that's it! Easy as pie!

If you have any questions, contact LoyalTree at their website! You can set up your account specific to your needs… 

OWC n' LoyalTree 


If you have any problems or questions, contact LoyalTree at www.loyaltree.com! Thanks for all you support at OldWest Cafe!


We now offer a discount for all Senior Patrons (65 and older) of 10% OFF, good for one meal and drink! So be prepared to get carded by our cashiers! Thank you for all your support and helping to make Oldwest what it is today!