OLDWEST was born...

The year was 1999, and I was workin' 80 hours a week in the corporate world! (I am sure many of you can relate!) I rarely spent time with my children and husband, and time was just passin' on by.... My husband always knew I wanted to own my own little cafe, so one day, out of the blue, he came home with my very own key to my very own cafe! WOW! That's how Oldwest Cafe was born! So even as we grow a bit, I never forget where we started, what a hard road it was gettin' here, and how hard we all need to work to make sure we try not to lose that happy feelin' ya'll get when ya' walk through our doors! We want to treat people just the same way we want to be treated back... kindly and with the utmost respect. So all you mighty fine Cowgirls and Cowboys, saddle up that horse and hit the trail for Oldwest Cafe...pretty darn sure ya' might like it! And if ya don't, well, that's okay, too, cause even I know that ya' just can please em' all!  So, HAPPY TRAILS and get down to the Oldwest and take a load off! See ya'll soon! You'll enjoy the ride!

What we believe in...


Our Team! We know that the only reason we have been successful is because of the wonderful people that help us make it happen everyday! We believe in working together and helping each other to take care of ya'll the best we can! So come on in for some great tasting' home cooking'! Our breakfast menu has a lot of great dishes, from Eggs Benedict, to our New Cinnamon-Swirl Pancakes, and special banana-nut pancakes served with our very own peanut-butter syrup, to almond-crisp french toast, Stuffed Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast, quesadillas n' skillet bowls, amazin' omelets, the best chicken fried steak,  huevos rancheros, and much, much, MUCH MORE! Shall I go on? We are the creator and home of our Big Signature Pancakes and French Toast that ain’t nobody can make but us! OH my, I didn't mention our awesome lunch dishes yet…and our garden fresh salads, mash potatoes, tex- mex dishes, great burger and sandwiches, and MORE!!  So giddy on up and hit the trail for the OLDWEST CAFE! It’s a great meeting' place for friends & family!

We also owe our success to the Great One above! Yeah, you heard it, the one and only, our Lord and Savior! Without direction and help from him, nothing would be possible!

What's important to us...

is You and your Family! Your not just another customer to us. You're hard working' COWBOYS and COWGIRLS with families and feelins', just like us! We believe you should get what you want...really good food (oh, did I mention alot of it?), and at a price you could live with!

But we don't stop there! We make sure it gets to ya' with a great big friendly smile in a comfortable place that feels like home! Cause we know, if you ain't happy, ain't nobody happy, at least not at the OldWest! We're gonna do our best to help get you a great start to the rest of your day!  Oh, one more thing...ain't no smokin' or alcohol here! Just a whole bunch of happy faces and full bellies at the OldWest!

So what are ya' waitin' for? You won't regret the ride to the OLDWEST CAFE!

What others have to say...

"But what really matters is the grub- and hey, this place is incredible. I am all about carbs- a certified Carbaholic. Understandably, I ordered loaded eggs (cheese, bacon, the works), biscuits, tortillas, more bacon, and some fruit (see! that counts as healthy!). I was absolutely in food bliss, or food coma, I might say. Everything was finger-lickin' good and they even gave me my necessary side of Tabasco- a Cajun must have.
The hubby devoured his meal, too, and enjoyed the place overall. This is a fun place to take visitors from out of town who want that stereotypical Texan appeal ;) Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about- cowboys, boots, the works. It'll do. And the prices are decent, too. Check this place out!" - Too Cool

 "Old West Cafe is BY FAR the best breakfast place in Denton and possibly all of DFW." -Best of The Best

"Old West Cafe takes me through all the emotions.  I get excited when I know I'm going. I get upset when I think about it and can't go (like right now).  I get jealous when people I know go. I get sad when my meal is over. Yeah.... It's that good. Whether it be the pancakes with peanut butter maple syrup or the almond crisp french toast, you can't go wrong at this place.  Service is pretty good, parking can be a pain, there will be a line and a wait, but all of this pales in comparison to the food!
My suggestion is to either order the Cowpoke with Banana Nut pancakes with Peanut butter Maple syrup or the Almond Crisp French toast.  Both combos come with eggs and sausage/bacon so you'll get your protein in there. 
Trust won't be disappointed here….." - Wow and Speechless

"Now this is what I am talking about! This is hands down the best breakfast place I've ever been to. The first time I went, the wait was too long so my Daughter and I left. The second time around the wait was about 20 minutes, and worth it! I had the almond crisp french toast with eggs and bacon. WOW! That was sooooo good! I can usually tell if a place is good by how the coffee taste and Oldwest Cafe has good coffee good. The portions are giant and very reasonable pricing. I would wait an hour if I had to, it's that good. This is true down home cooking at it's finest. I believe they have a location in Denton too? Any way, this is our go to breakfast spot from now on. I will definitely be trying their lunch items soon. Go visit NOW!"  - Amazin' Guests

Like it?

"This isn't gourmet, but it doesn't pretend to be. It's just great food at a great price and always a smile waiting for you :)" - One of our Fantastic Guests!

 "The portions are huge and most of the sweet stuff is really rich, so get ready. The first time I ate breakfast here, I ordered almond-crusted French toast with peanut butter syrup. Can you believe that's a thing?? Check it out!" - Another Awesome Guest

"My husband and I stopped here on our way back from Oklahoma in January 2013. We yelped a breakfast place, and this was at the top of the list. We completely understand why- It was AMAZING!!! They were very busy, but we didn't have to wait. The service was good and the food was awesome. Very reasonably priced as well!" - Another amazin' VIP!

"Always a fantastic breakfast... worth the wait. Hearty and healthy choices. I love The Bandit and The Cowboy."     -Cool OWC Fan

"Thank you yelp for the reviews. This is a place that we would have driven past for sure. Yelp users rated it high & it did not disappoint!!! Can't wait till we're in the area again - cause we will be back! Breakfast burritos, biscuits & gravy, blueberry pancake......yummy, yummy, yummy!" - Greatness

"Oh how I would love to bathe in the gravy that they serve here.  OK, not really...but still...a man can dream." -Super Guest

"I'm a pretty simple breakfast person:  if it has biscuits, gravy, sausage, and some semblance of potato, I'm in.  Oldwest Cafe has this and more.  You can tell a place is good when the wait is ridiculously long.  Seriously, you'd be hard pressed to find places in Denton that have waits like this.  It's not just on weekends either; it's a daily occurrence.  The food is pretty much that good.  This is both a warning to those looking for a quick meal and an endorsement." -Fan of all Fans

"I cannot say I've tried the entire menu, but based on my experience and the experiences of those I have gone with, you can't go wrong.  The pancakes are enormous, the biscuits and gravy (did I mention I'm a fan?) are great, and the sides are tasty as well.  Now, if you're not that "Eat till you die" kind of person, that's cool, too.  Oldwest has healthy options.  Not that I spend any time in that area of the menu, but my girlfriend does and enjoys it. There are a few other breakfast/brunch joints in Denton that are solid spots, but Oldwest really takes the cake for best in town." -Far out Fans

To our guests...

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our dedicated customers  (we like to call em' our friends!),  for supporting us throughout the years! We know, without a doubt, that you are the reason we are still here today! We just can't say enough good about how much we appreciate you comin' by so much! Thank you for your comments, compliments, and complaints, because we believe that what you got to say is what makes us stronger and wiser everyday! Thanks again for all your support and faith! We can currently take care of ya'll in Denton, Grapevine, Arlington and in Bedford, Texas. And there are more great new locations coming! We'll keep ya'll posted! Thanks again and have a great day 'cause you deserve it!

 Now, let me brag a bit about the people behind the scenes at OldWest Cafe! We are also so blessed to have such an amazing team of men and women to work side-by-side with! They have incredible commitment, and work so hard together (and together is the magic word!), to make sure your dining experience is just right! And we have an awesome management team that works hand-in-hand to give ya' just what ya'll want - great food brought right out to ya' by some real friendly folks! They have all worked so very hard and given all they've got to make OldWest what it is today! We couldn't be more proud of all the hard workin', friendly people that make the OldWest dream come true!